Sydney Jay Mead was born in St. Paul Minnesota, in 1933, he is a visual futurist.

He brought his creations in several science fiction films produced in the eighties and nineties. The most famous are Blade Runner, Tron, Aliens and the first Star Trek movie. Syd, 81 year old, worked recently at the concept of Elysium and Tomorrowland, distinguished by a unique artistic research and an attention to details never seen before. Together with Ron Cobb e Chris Foss, Syd is considered the most famous visual futurist ever. He recently completed  a documentary of his career with director Joaquin Montalvan, “VISUAL FUTURIST”, it was released in May 2007 on DVD and is available through the virtual Oblagon bookstore on the Syd Mead official webpage.

The images below have all been painted in 1969 and are part of his collection Syd Mead: US Steel Interface – a portfolio of probabilities’.

All Rights Reserved to Syd Mead

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