“Dedicated to the interface between 21st-century culture and architecture”, Bernard Tschumi Architects is an international architectural and urban design award-winning firm with offices in New York and Paris.

The new Tianjin Binhai Exploratorium is a 33,000-square-meter museum structure in Tianjin, China. Designed by the studio in 2013-2014 and just completed, it will open in Fall 2019.

“The Exploratorium will showcase artifacts from Tianjin’s industrial past through large-scale contemporary technology, including spectacular rockets for space research. The project is part of the city’s Binhai Cultural Center and contains facilities for cultural events and exhibitions as well as galleries, offices, and restaurant and retail spaces… A series of large-scale cones creates major rooms throughout the museum. The central cone, lit from above, connects all three levels of the Exploratorium. A spiralling ramp ascends to the top level, offering an unusual spatial experience of the modern vertical city by reinterpreting an ancient industrial typology. The roof is accessible to visitors and acts as a promenade with striking views over the surrounding city.” Bernard Tschumi Architects


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