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Judith did her bachelor at Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. After that, she moved to Lebanon for four months to do research about the design industry in the Middle East; while she was there, she got the inspiration to start exploring how design and environmental/social change can go together. “It is not the designed object that interests me, but the process and the relationships behind it. How does design have an impact on society and  environment? This question is currently the most important to me. At the moment, I am trying to find answers during my master in Industrial Design at Lund University.”


Judith created Time Conflicts, a collection that is already condensing her interests into processes and relationships with the help of organic waste and creativity.

“…In society, time is money. Or actually, human time is money. The materials designers use often take more than a lifetime to grow, while most designs are used only for much shorter periods of time. Time conflicts explores the possibility to balance the time it takes for a material’s formation with the length of its use-phase…” Bones, feathers, walnut shells, horse and human hair. All of these materials have a story behind, Time Conflicts is a series of products that explore their use through an everyday object: the brush.

Last and most important for every designers and architects, she said: “(for me)As a designer, it is much more important to think about how we make things (where do materials come from and how do we process them) rather than just making things, which is happening too much at the moment”. Let’s think about this…

Thank you Judith!


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