Twin-Pix is the research project we were waiting for, an observatory of past and present design, an anonymous collector of objects that show great similarity and are sometimes practically identical. The formula of its website and Instagram account includes no commentary at all, just two pictures side by side, captioned with the essentials.



In some cases, the similarity looks like an homage to the old design masters, or a reference to a common archetype. Other times, the likeness is astonishing and this is even more alarming when you see the names of the designers or manufacturers behind them. At this moment in time, where design critics are not as present and reliable as in the past, and design magazines sink in the banality of the “styling” (not the real design), Twin-Pix is an interesting project that may bring to light further reasonings on our times.

The project is not only a pedagogic study but also a reference project, a design history research that should be studied by all the young designers and students who wants to approach the field.

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