UNNO, a digital gallery for Latin American design

Social networks and the recent pandemic have changed and are changing the way we communicate Design. If we were used to events and live talks, now we have online talks and the presentation of new collections and exhibitions through in-depth videos, interviews on Zoom and Instagram. In this context, we can find Unno, the new first digital gallery dedicated to Latin American design, “a new way of presenting art and design, devoid of any physical exhibition space, capable of crossing geographic and individual boundaries”.

The project is the result of the partnership between Maria Dolores Uribe and Laura Abe Vettoretti, both with a background in the world of design and art. The name of the gallery —Unno Aesthetic— is inspired by the Spanish word one and refers to the idea that Latin American cultures, countries, and peoples share a common heritage that unites them as a whole.

This is visible in the 2020 collections, gathered under the name of “Life to the Myth”. The objects created show the know-how of finishes and materials by contemporary Latin American designers, Bandido Studio, Maria Dolores & Abe Vettoretti, C.S. Nunez, Abe Vettoretti, and Ian Felton. Characterized by materials such as glass, but above all metals and stones, the pieces have a rough aesthetic, they express an admirable knowledge and control of the techniques, they embrace the beauty of imperfection. Contemporary furniture, objects, and sculptures inspired by a common past. The collections were photographed in an early 20th-century villa, in Mexico City.

Visit Unno Gallery to learn more about the project and the pieces on show!


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