For the 54th edition of Casa Decor Madrid, the designer Patricia Bustos has imagined “Wonder Galaxy”, retro-futuristic locker rooms. The design of the place is the result of a reflection on time and more specifically on the relationship between the past and the future. The result is a space between reality and fiction in which the fantasy of the past coexists with the magic of the future. The space is a blend of blue and pale hues, pastel and holographic tones, a palette inspired by the Paul Fuentes’ Thunder Face series, says the artist.

Every detail is neat: strategically placed, the lights react to the materials in a different way to give the space a surreal aspect. Smart bulbs have been placed to fit the decor colors while neon lights give a futuristic effect. Many mirrors are used to give an illusion of infinite grandeur to the room. The alcove walls are covered with mosaic referring to the pixels of the video games while bringing a retro aspect.


(via fubiz)

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