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As FAR As I CAN SEE  is the title of Chalida Asawakanjanakit‘s solo exhibition, at Buffalo Bridge Gallery, Bangkok, ended the 23rd February.
Chalida is an art student who recently got the chance to explore part of the world by visiting museums and art exhibitions in Italy and Germany. Like a brush touching and dancing on the canvas, Chalida decided to create her work by using mixed-media techniques and technologies, the aim is to share the learning from her experience, as far as the eye can see.


Video by Nao Sakamoto


The exhibition is a representation of last summer travelling experience, a 20-days journey through Italian and German art exhibitions and museums.

“Well, travel alone allowed me to be more focus and less underestimate the situation. This trip was not that wild, just walking about 10-15 kilometers a day (panting) but do not worry, I already get back in shape now!”

As FAR As I CAN SEE is divided into three parts:

1. Chalida collected all sort of documents from her journey and, when she got back to Thailand, her backpack was a kilogram heavier. For the first exhibition part she decided to arrange her work in a timeline, separating documents collected in different cities, each paper telling its own story, waiting to be read.

2. How the rainbow neon lights are connected with her journey?  The setting comes from the different cities location Chalida stopped by. The neon lights connect these points, representing the traveling route, also expressed by different colors.

3. Chalida also recorded some videos, while she was traveling. She collected and edited them in one single clip. During the exhibition, musicians transform the visual of the video into a sound from their own experience perception and performers improvise on it.

“This unforgettable journey allowed me to see the variety of Art and the current direction of it, such as the most used techniques and processes that artists choose to express themselves. Except for seeing many global art exhibitions, this experience allowed me to gain more life skills such as how to get by in many situations, learning other languages, how to begin conversation as a tourist, exchanging cultures and attitudes with others and the last final gift, ‘strangers’ from the other part of this big big world becoming ‘friends’. ”

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