Located at an altitude of 3,290 metres in the Morion Ridge, Bivouac Luca Pasqualetti is a prefabricated shelter built by Italian architects and researchers Roberto Dini and Stefano Girodo. The building was developed in collaboration with LEAPfactory for a group of local alpine guides”.

The position of the hut wasn’t chosen solely for its remoteness, but rather, to highlight a forgotten series of treks that exist along the ridge. “The aim of this project is the rediscovery of these places by lightly improving their availability for mountaineering”, the architects explain. “A simple structure such as a bivouac, positioned in a remote place with difficult access, is specifically conceived to stimulate a niche alpinism, interested in the beauty of the wild and solitary Valpelline places.” The Morion ridge separates the Bionaz and Ollomont Valleys, and is formed by peaks of 3000 and 3500 meters height.

Undertaken with assistance from Montagna Sarvadza, a volunteer group founded purely for the project, the bivouac was constructed off-site, and then secured on Morion Ridge in during Spring 2018. Designed to be “completely reversible”, the prefabricated bivouac has non-permanent foundations and will be removed at the end of its life-cycle without leaving permanent traces on the ground.


All Rights Reserved to Roberto Dini and Stefano Girodo

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