“Design is thruth, advertising is lying”

Yeye Design is a Mexican studio focused on branding, art direction, packaging, visual communication. Their project show a playful approach, bold and free from stylistic formalisms.

“We preach the new world order of communication, the brands are our testament, we adore images that reflect truth and fight against false idols, the best way to tell the truth is through design, design is truth advertising is lying…”



In 2017 The Mexican studio created this energetic new brand identity for Chang, a local Thai fusion restaurant. The team approach the visual identity as a Thai receipt, blending different elements together, creating a rich and powerful project:

“Chang is Thai cuisine influenced by the Asian cuisine. This mix gives us the opportunity to blend thousands of visual elements from every corner of the Buddhist domain. Lights, tigers, unusual costumes and thousands of flavors, create a unique atmosphere, that feeling you have when you travel to a strange and unknown place for the first time.”  Yeye Design.


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