DOCUMENTA 14_WhoreMoans: An Uncivil Memoir Of A Rough Ride

Rage, humor, magic and confrontation are all present and abundant in Tracey Rose‘s work. Born in South Africa, she has traversed the world to raise questions and spirits through performances, videos and installations. In “WhoreMoans…” she brings all her cleverness and power to a dark room of the Neue Neue Galerie

Riffing guitar in the west bank = Limousines packed with Congolese diamonds fleeing across the border. The name bouncing graves raising, vocal disgust pouring now drunken spirits of revenge on the loose. Jittery skeleton dancing on sacred ground, soon the rainbow of discontent. ”Nubian? Egyptian? In any case, dark breed, lo-lee-tah, noli me tangere!” such were his last words, then the fire of his loins I turned into cinders, the pride of his raised erect flag, I devoured. I worked in their kitchens. They had cut out my tongue, out of my mother, out of me. I gave them a cunnilingus rosy with tear gas and acquired weapons,paid back on their own coin



Below you can find a selection of previous works from the artist

All Rights Reserved to Tracey Rose

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