FAHR 021.3 is a collaborative practice that focuses its work between the disciplines of art and architecture. “Realizing that architecture is a branch of art and action in space, FAHR 021.3 develops its work based on the architectural language and methodology, while always incorporating seemingly implausible spaces and challenging materials. The result is provocative and unexpected and comes in a variety of forms, including installations, site-specific art, performances, and actions.”

For the 20th anniversary of the classification of the Historic Center of Porto as a Unesco World Heritage Site, FAHR 021.3 presented a new public installation called Eclipse. The 6m diameter sphere “faces the surroundings in an attitude of rupture and daring, a sphere 6m in diameter that invades the wide and gives it a new centrality. A confrontation of scales and relationships, a game of perception and provocation in the city. An invitation to usufruct and disruption. Constructed only with ventilation ducts Spiro type the object is the result of undulating lines and empty spaces, resulting from the marriage between these vector elements. Color is a fundamental element in this piece, capable of arousing curiosity and different interpretations.”

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