Atelier 111 is a Czech practice focused on architectural design of residential, public and industrial buildings and, since 2006, also projects of biogas plants. In 2010 they founded the Johann Hochreiter company which soon became one of the most important suppliers of biogas plants in the Czech republic.

Started in May 2016, Family House in Jinonice is a residential project in which old and new come together. The plot is located in a narrow street, where the character of old Jinonice is still preserved. It was dominated by an abandoned house, formed by gradual addition of masses, some of which overtopped the original one. The complex of these small buildings, placed in the sloping garden, was in a very dilapidated uninhabitable state. The new design preserves only the oldest part made out of stones oriented towards the street and uses it as an entry to the main living floor in the two new masses. The tallest part is dedicated to the children. All of the living areas, including children’s bedrooms, have a direct connection to the sunlit sloping garden, which is shielded from the street by the mass of the house.

The old and the new part are visually unified by the color of the stucco plaster and by beaver tail ceramic tiles on the roof. The age of the individual parts is revealed by the detail, the original morphology is in a light contrast with the contemporary minimalist form.

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Photography by BoysPlayNice


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