FATTO BENE, photos and video of the exhibition

Last day of Fatto Bene! The exhibition aims to refocus attention on objects, the physicality of design, and the beauty of materials.

It’s not just about the poetry of detail, the feeling of perfection in form, or the harmony between aesthetics and function. It’s about the sublimation of an abstract idea into a physical object that goes beyond a simple functional product. It’s the ability to transform a set of elements into something that seems to have always existed as it is. Unconsciously, we become attached to a fruit tray, a lamp, a coffee table, a chair, a sideboard, and they become part of our identity. They feel like family, cherished like precious jewels, and cared for with all possible attention. Simple products that give meaning to our spaces and our lives.

Fatto Bene presents a selection of furnishings, products, and functional additions to very diverse domestic environments, differing in craftsmanship, materials, and types. The protagonists of the exhibition include:  Francesco FaccinLorenzo DamianiMaddalena CasadeiZanellato BortottoFederica BiasiGiuseppe ArezziFrancesco ForcelliniMatteo Di CiommoTIPSTUDIOMaddalena SelviniIsato Prugger.

The companies participating with the designers are: De CastelliGervasoniIncalmiWoakPretziadaIt’s Great DesignFeltrificio BielleseFalegnameria Pisu.

Curator: Teo Sandigliano
Exhibition Design direction:Flatwig Studio
Visual Identity: Beatrice Bianchet
Illustrations: Chiara Fantin
Exhibition Setup: Flatwig Studio, Ebe CollectiveScia’s Divisione Tessuti
Press Office:Strategic Footprints
Photography: Matteo BellomoStefania Zanetti
Video: Marco Mazzoni  
Event production and sponsor management: Giuseppe Barbalinardo, Teo Sandigliano
Sponsorship:Davifil srl, WeVux
Media partner: WeVux 

Fatto Bene website

Basilica di San Celso, Corso Italia 37, Milano. From 11am until 7pm.


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