Founded by Mirko Cuculiza in 2013, GRAZA is an amazing Digital Art Studio – based in Lima, Perú – focusing on Art direction, 3D illustration & Character design.

The studio recently participated to the 36 Days of Type 2017 edition (2016 edition here) : a public challenge where 36 studios, designers or graphic artists are invited to create the opening letter or number of the day. The project 36 Days of Type began when Nina Sans and Rafa Goicoechea, graphic designers based in Barcelona, first decided to challenge themselves to design something new everyday to later post them on their social networks. The format soon became a 36 days celebration of type and creativity, that involves designers, illustrators, type lovers and creatives from all around the globe.

With the help of Maxon Cinema 4D and Pixologic Zbrush, GRAZA realized its own peculiar ABC; each element is made in a total different way: a brick F in the desert, a furry K and its collar, a planet-made O are just some of the crazy elements that compose GRAZA collection for 36 Days of Type 2017.


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