HOPPÍPOLLA_independent culture for correspondence

Hoppípolla is an Icelandic word and its closest translation is “jump into the puddles” and refers to what appears to be one of Icelandic children’s favorite games, simple and fun. The team behind this project immediately liked the meaning of this word, because with Hoppípolla they want to convey the same  sense of surprise.

What is Hoppípolla? In 4 words, independent culture for correspondence. Each month the team sends a box of specially selected products to amaze their subscribers and let them discover new creatives. Hoppípolla usually contains independent, courageous and different projects every month: a design object, one editorial publication, a suggestion to discover a musical group, an illustrated product and another little surprise.

Hoppípolla is a bold and innovative project that brings culture to you and gives you a nice and interesting point of view about creativity and design. To know more visit their page!


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