Thibault Dussex and Yann Mathys are the founders of Egli Studio, a product and industrial design studio based in Renens, Lausanne (Switzerland).

Their works is designed and produced taking into account the efficiency of industrial processes, production rationality and environmental responsibility.
Hypercollection is a furniture line designed in collaboration with Swiss designer Matthieu Girel: a minimalist series composed by a shelf, two lamps, a chair, a coffee table, and a coat rack, created to furnish workspaces. By designing this line, the studio prototyped a modular furniture concept inspired by industrial tubes production with zero waste. They even created their own machine able to refine each part of their products, attempting to keep production costs as low as possible.

“I want people to understand every part of the object by making products as simple as possible, because people love products more when they get how they work.” says Thibault Dussex. “We want to create products with long durability, following the values of Swiss rational and functional design, adding to this our personal contemporary vision.”


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