For the Venice Architecture Biennale 2016, Rotterdam-based office MVRDV has designed Infinity Kitchen, a completely see-through glass kitchen that aims to inspire a “more healthy, if not sexy” approach to food.

The concept of transparency has been proposed as a way of improving the cooking process by drawing greater attention to food choice, preparation and waste. “If we imagine everything is transparent, clear and clean, doesn’t it mean that the only thing that is colourful and visible is our food…The Infinity Kitchen wants to make better cuisine, better food preparation practices and it wants to raise awareness for the one room that we all rely so heavily on, and the processes that go on inside of it…How much food do we have hidden away? How much waste is really being created? Is the kitchen really as clean as we like to think it is? But [the Infinity Kitchen] also wants to do one main thing: celebrate food and cooking.” said MVRDV.


Images from Martin Rijpstra

(via dezeen)

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