Today we’ll talk with Federica Iaccio, a young Italian artist. She makes beautiful illustrations and she creates by her own her personal illustration style. WeVUX met her to tell you her story.

-Tell us something about you.

I graduated in classical studies, I later attended some fashion design and modeling classes in Naples and Milan, integrating with sewing courses in London (where I’ve been living for a year) with a taylor that turned out to be the costume designer in Harry Potter movies! Yep, but that’s another story and needs to be told another time. Then I left pantones and dummies to grab a graphic pen, studying Graphic Design at Naba in Milan. I tried to look forward, even beyond myself. Experiencing any technique, to leave a sign.

-What is your technique now?

Someone once told me that nothing is lost, everything moves. It wasn’t Heraclitus, but an artist I knew during an evening class of visual poetry, Aldo Lanzini. I realized that I didn’t have to lose what I was carrying with me, all I had to do was to put it all together. I let my previous preparation in fashion design flow into my new world of graphic communication. I picked up the needle and began to draw. I couldn’t control the stroke, I couldn’t manage everything as in a drawing, part was due to chance, to the fabric, to my mood, to the nervousness of my foot or hand-shake. I tweaked the sewing machine to make it even more personal. I realized that I was starting to write my own story on fabric.

-Where do you get your inspiration?

I don’t get inspired. I think inspiration gets me. I think the Past sometimes swallows me. A Past made of details, of little things, and why not, bugs too. I started drawing them because I find them fascinating. Tiny little beings sometimes horrifying that once magnified show an ecstatic beauty in shapes and colors. They’re precious yet few people notice them. I played with them as a kid in the countryside, I used to watch them shimmering in the sun and now, I just remember them. Everything moves.

What do you feel when you illustrate?

When I sew, when I draw, when I draw sewing, I like giving a sense to my whole life journey. I feel like connecting threads and making new ones. I don’t want anyone around me when it happens Bare feet, hair tied, classical music and a hot cup of green tea with jasmine.

How do you see illustration in your future?

My illustrations and I in the future? What will happen tomorrow? I don’t know, I’m not allow to, and I like it that way.


Thanks Federica.

You can find more illustrations on her behance page!

All Images Reserved to Federica Iaccio

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