Megan Geckler is an American artist that realizes large-scale, site-specific artistic interventions within architectural examples. “In 2012 Geckler began working with hand-dyed ropes and cords, polished and coated metals, printed glass, and sublimated dye on aluminum, and other durable permanent media. Her hyper-colorful installations are equal parts whimsy and master craftsmanship, evident in her exacting process of manipulating space.”

Her process starts with a site-visit to take photographs, measurements and observations of the spaces in which she will work. Then a translation into three-dimensional architectural drawings help her to use the site everyday elements of the architecture into focal points for her artworks. The installation development can take a single day or  series of weeks, depending on the size and aim of the project; with her pieces she is able to transform the environment into an immersive experience.


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