NAKUNA is the name of the exhibition by Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture on show at Circolo Filologico Milanese, Via Clerici 10, during the Milan Design Week 2017. Aalto University Department of Design students commemorated Finland’s 100-years of independence with a collection that “exposes the core values of Finnishness”.



“NAKUNA (Fin. naked) represents the very essence of Finland. It’s a raw land of lakes, archipelagos, and forests where the nature and landscape are an intrinsic part of the spirit of the country and its people.” The common theme was to experiment and bring back the local ancestral connection to the forest as “a source of food, emotional sustenance and technological ingenuity as well as a haven for peaceful reflection and contemplation…The exhibition…encourages people to be open, naked, and honest for themselves and for others; to metaphorically be naked — values that are particularly relevant today when the world shows its increasing turbulence.”

Among the projects, Ikkuna (window) is a “reflection of life and reunites intimacy and community, the individual and the collective. What would it feel like to be someone different?”. Laavu brings directly from the Finnish forests handpicked food – as well as the story of the people that shared their food. Manifesti is an interactive installation and a metaphor on the importance of the freedom of speech “…MANIFESTI types and preserves thoughts, musings and reflective silences.” Biomaterials for the Future is an investigation on the potential of cellulose has all the potential to become the super material of the future. “All material samples on this exhibition have been invented and produced by CHEMARTS students or DWoC (Design Driven Value Chains in the World of Cellulose-DWoC researchers). Since 2011, CHEMARTS has been a long-term collaboration between two Aalto University schools, The School of Chemical Engineering and The School of Arts, Design, and Architecture.”

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