Tropical Space latest project is Organicare, a showroom for the Vietnam traditional fish sauce and organic products.

Tropical Space designed a consistent frame system combining of brick and metal, for both the façade and the interior, where it’s used as shelves to display the products. This frame system can be changed and removed flexibly depending on the size of the products. The interiors are completed with a brick-covered desk and a wood bench.

Besides honoring the value of Vietnam traditional fish sauce, Tropical Space also want to honor the value of the traditional clay brick.


Location: 116 Lê Văn Sỹ, TP. HCM
Principal Architect: Nguyễn Hải Long, Trần Thị Ngụ Ngôn
Design Team: Nguyễn Tuấn Đăng, Phạm Khánh Duy, Lê Văn Duy Bảo, Saurav Shah
Photo: Quang Dam

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