PACKIOLI, the water-resistant soap packaging

After Soapbottle, we return to talking about packaging and cosmetics with a new project, Packioli, a water-resistant bio packaging for commercial soaps, designed by Alara Ertenü, industrial design student at İzmir Ekonomi Üniversitesi, Turkey.

The goals behind the project are to eliminate plastic packaging and meet the hygiene, logistics, and endurance needs of soap brands. With Packioli, Alara has not only managed to meet those needs, but has created a bio and water-resistant packaging that also helps to reduce the huge volume of artichoke and peapods waste regularly produced in western Turkey. The reason? The final packaging was created with two different bioplastics, one made with artichoke stems and leaves and the other with pea pods.



With its sealed edges and compatibility with production methods such as heat sealing, the zero-waste packaging Packioli wants to compete with existing plastic packaging in the market. It’s dirt and dust resistant and as far as water resistance is concerned, Packioli can reach a maximum of one week in contact with the element and it can biodegrade in the water within ten, fifteen days.

The project has an easy-tear opening, is dyed with chemical-free plant dyes, specifically, beetroot and turmeric and its surface finishing is suitable for printing/ bioprinting.

For more information about Packioli, follow Alara Ertenü on her Instagram profile! The project is currently on show at Isola Design’s Materialized, at Dutch Design Week 2022.
Images by Alara Ertenü


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